– 500g aubergines 2 or 3

– 50g olives

– 50g capres

– 2 poivrons

– 1 oignon

– 3 tomatoes (tin tomatoes!)

– 1 celery stick

– olive oil

– 7cl balsamic + 7cl water

– 1 sugar cube
Cut the aubergines and peppers in small chunks

Fry in olive oil for 15mins
In other pan, fry onions. When golden, add tomatoes. Simmer for 10 mins then add capres, olives, and celeri. mix then add aubergines and peppers.
add the vinegar and water. salt pepper sugar
Leave to cook (dont cover) for 15mins so that the vinegar evaporates and for the mix to thicken a bit.

serve chilled.